Expressions in Color

These are a couple of my paintings of human figures.
The first one ‘The Kitchen Maid’ I painted using water colors. This is a copy from the works of Johannes Vermeer. The original in oil is beautiful in its detailed depiction.

The Kitchen Maid


The Indian lady in green is one of my favorites. I painted this one in oil.

An Indian Lady


Again an oil painting, this one didnt really turn out very well..

Lady picking flowers


This oil painting is a copy from the works of Isaac Lazarus Israels.
Israels spent most of his life in Amsterdam where he painted people on the street.

Donkey-riding on the beach


12 thoughts on “Expressions in Color

  1. PhillyGuy

    I always said Indian ladies were the best! There’s something in the water……whether it be the Indus, the Kaveri, or the Ganges 🙂 BTW is she demure or disinterested?

  2. harbinger

    “Is it the saree that make a woman beautiful or a woman who wore a saree?” Question haunts me always!

    The second painting caught my attention most, compared to others. The shades of saree and the back-ground is just awesome!

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