Race 2 – A fight to the finish !

Watched Race 2 after dithering about it for ages and got treated to a near private screening of the film, considering that I counted just 10 heads in the theater including mine.The original Race had set the stage with a typical racy plot coupled with glamor, oomph, mystery and the age-old Hindi movie masala and so, it was with such expectations, that I proceeded to watch Race 2. But like most 2’s, this one was a complete washout.

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The movie takes on from where the previous Race ended, with Ranveer Singh(Saif Ali Khan) and Sonia (Bipasha Basu) still in the picture. With the plot revolving around Ranveer Singh hankering for revenging Sonia’s death, from the rich and ruthless tycoon, Arman Malik. John Abraham, looked anything but the suave killer businessman Arman Mallick, that he was supposed to be.If anything, he’s starting to look more and more like the odd shaped pieces of meat hanging at the local butchers. His step-sister,Elena( Deepika Padukone), who initially was supposed to be one ruthless lady, by the end of the movie has a metamorphosis and transforms into a witless, a la’ ‘protect-me’ batting her eyelashes girl.
Ranveer’s Singh’s character is, at least, consistent with the man still seeking revenge from the beginning till the end of the movie. That’s a brownie point for the movie.Omisha (Jacqueline Fernandez) looked the part of the gangster’s girlfriend though how a common pickpocket can learn fencing and archery are questions best not asked.

The ex-detective Rober D’Costa(Anil Kapoor) still continues with his fruit chomping image though his role in the movie seems largely limited to passing corny dialogues along with his assistant, Cherry(Ameesha Patel).These are the directors excuse at humor through sexual innuendos which can embarrass you by their sheer desperation.There is much or probably very little to be said of the dialogues.When a man, a la’ King Kong minus the hair who was to fight Arman Malik in the ring, turned to look at Arman and opened his mouth, I thought ‘Yes, something phenomenal was going to be uttered’ but he only said ‘You..’. I wonder what he would put on his CV ..”Said ‘You’ in Race 2.”
Aditya Pancholi makes a brief appearance as the dreaded Godfather Enza but it kept looking like he was going to pop a joke at any moment, the black glasses and coat not withstanding.

The story looked like the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle which still didn’t fit to make a complete picture.
The movie boasts of some over-the-top gizmos, what with cards that change their numbers, glasses that can see through cards and the wonder car that can never crash.If you develop voluntary amnesia and push out those unnecessary logical questions popping in your head, then you can still take away some of those wild stunt scenes like the train robbery happening from the chopper,Ranveer’s chase of Sonia’s killer, his antics in the wildly careening car as he dislodges the bomb under the car, but the most jaw-dropping moment of all was the final climax where a pilot-less plane was about to crash with unfortunate Ranveer and Elena on board, but they miraculously rev up the wonder-car and go zooming out of the distressed plane and the car opens its parachutes and they sail gently to the ground.

I will give full points for glamor with the leading ladies glamorous and sexy, with awesome cars and heady Europe & Turkey in the background, with the men brandishing their glistening, sun-tanned,tattooed torsos though with all the slow motion and their long coats flying behind them, I had to remind myself that it was not a batman movie I was watching.

Last but not the least, I think Abbas-Mustan needs some remedial tutions from Quentin Tarantino on how to depict women who can hold their own.Not one woman is shown in the movie as independent and intelligent or both at the same time ! As far as gender stereotyping and women depiction go, this one scored abysmally low.

Since there’s nothing much to be gained by way of dialogues, recommend taking your favorite playlists which you can listen to while watching the batman stunts.

25 thoughts on “Race 2 – A fight to the finish !

    1. Well, I do the same, but people had sworn that this one was to be seen in the big screen. Strangely, I cant seem to track even one of them after I got back.. Had a word or two to speak to them 🙂

  1. nah, that’s not how you do a movie review especially the disastrous ones. you need to say, “AWESOME MOVIE, GO AND WATCH IT TODAY!!!!!” and then hide somewhere for next 10-15 days (i do that).

    i usually avoid part 2s and i fortunately, i wasn’t even aware of this one till it was released and reviewed. Race 1 was supercool.

    John Abraham looks good only in those dumb posters and he shouldn’t be allowed to come out of those posters.

    please write more of these fun posts. i don’t understand heavy stuffs.

    1. That’s a good point Deb ! Will keep that in mind and direct all the stick wielding traffic to you when they return after watching.
      Thanks for the appreciation of the fun posts ! As far as the heavier ones go, please feel free to like them even if you don’t read them 🙂

  2. Moonstone, this is an exquisite, hilarious and a piercing analysis that kept me smiling ear to ear! In fact, some of your descriptions are so good I could almost see them happening on my mind’s screen. I don’t think I’ll ever dare to watch it but I enjoyed your review thoroughly.

    1. True..most of the 2’s are not that good, except of course some like the series of the LOTR. I think the ones that are based on a book, the sequels are also equally good, unlike the ones that are made as an afterthought.

  3. Hi Ash

    Somehow the name itself is a not very attractive to me ‘Race’! Phew! It screams out too much masala and glamour and as you said logic-defying non-sense. I have not watched Race yet and Part 2 s (any one) No Way! Btw an awesome review 🙂

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