A Blogernity Leave

Had a brief hiatus from the blogging world as a result of couple of things. Among other sundry reasons, an important one being, I could think of nothing to write.And when you have nothing worthwhile to say, then its better to keep your mouth shut – is what a wise person had to say about the writer’s block. Whenever I did attempt to write, the words came out in choking fits rather like the phut-phut of an old scooter, than the gushing stream tumbling down the terrain.
Several crumpled sheets of paper later, I hit upon the brilliant idea of saying a thousand words without uttering a single word !
I decided to paint.
And soon I also became ambitious..
I decided to host my first joint painting exhibition with my dad-in-law.

All our paintings hung in a room in the majestic Durbar Hall in Cochin.A lot of unsuspecting folk did wander in and I like to think , they got enraptured by the paintings rather than trying to get some breeze from the sole table fan that was running in the room. Some stood ruminating, some whispered and giggled while some skipped through with all the ardor of the early morning walkers. Amongst all the visitors, there was also a journalist who asked a lot of important sounding questions. And wonder of wonders, we were in the papers the very next day. Yes, that was me all right, looking just like I had completed a 10 mile sprint. And the journalist had some good things to say too !
My son was not at all pleased at his not being included in the picture and wanted to know if I had become famous and intended to put on airs after that.
If that were not enough, the next day an entire gang of TV people were there. Boy , were we famous ! I have to admit though I did feel a bit ridiculous at having to reply to a blinding light in response to the questions the lady shouted from behind the camera. This time my son was not to be outdone and stuck to me like a leach for TV coverage. We were on the news the next day on Jeevan TV, sounding all important and business-like. My son although, was screaming blue murder, because all that could be seen of him was the top of his head and eyes. And if that were not enough, they had the temerity to put the TV logo right on top of his crescent face. I promised to sue them for the sacrilege.
Another TV channel turned up the next day. Now, we could definitely claim our rights to being hounded by the paparazzi !
Our exhibition lasted for 5 days and by the 3rd day, we had started feeling shopkeeper-like , faithfully opening shop everyday at 11.00 AM and shutting down at 7.00 PM. This was evident by the fact, that we had lost all inhibitions and had actively started inviting all passersby to have a peek at our masterly paintings.
The exhibition ended but in all this melee, the seeds had been put forth for the birth of a new blog and as has always been the norm, the older one does get ignored for a while.


The Motley Collection wants to introduce its sister blog – Fresh From The Easel. As all siblings go, it was not too pleased to let go of all the attention and the readership, but hopefully the two blogs will be able to co-exist and share the attention of all its generous readers.

But my hiatus which I strove to break through this post will extend for some more time, as I take some time off to visit a dear old friend in Denmark.

14 thoughts on “A Blogernity Leave

  1. Hahahaha did Nish really did all that or did you just make all that up? Hope u have a great time in Denmark. Were you asked to carry some podi? πŸ˜€

  2. Wow glad to hear that the exhibition went so well and got you press coverage too. And congrats on the new blog. I recently started a new one too! Hi-Five. Have a great vacation!

  3. ok, so your new blog is all about painting. i am not the right person to appreciate painting but i loved the ones you have uploaded on your new blog.

    see, if you can arrange an exhibition of your paintings in Denmark. you will become an international artist.

    hilarious post as usual πŸ™‚

  4. Congrats Ash! That is a great beginning!
    I like your son’s eagerness to get coverage, how cute! Even we adults crave for it, but are too proud to show that. Wishing you more achievements in life!

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