The Perennial Sniffles

A mini explosion threatened to bring the house down.The decibel was loud enough to send people scurrying out of their houses in panic.My husband and son slumbered on. All was well with the world. They were so accustomed to the comforting sounds by now, that at times, the absence of it caused some confusion.It was an impending disaster as I scampered frantically around the house with my eyes streaming. I berated myself for the hundredth time for not being more scrupulous. Suddenly I spotted the small bottle peeping out from the back of the medicine cabinet and pounced on it with relief.


I was afflicted with the dreadful nasal allergies.

The family woke up grudgingly after being subjected to an intense stress testing of their sleeping abilities.But decided not to hazard asking delicate questions and conspicuously avoided the red eyes and twitching nose.The nasal explosions were timed to occur when both my hands were strategically occupied. When the collision between culinary and nasal catastrophes appeared imminent, I was forced to dash to the bathroom. The family was rather used to seeing me whizzing between the kitchen and the bathroom as I was prone to do most mornings.And woe betide anybody who managed to get in the path of a trampling rhino. My streaming eyes and nose were deterrent enough to scatter everybody a mile away. I wondered why I never had the common sense to build a wash basin inside my kitchen.

I had visited numerous shady-clinics and not-so-shady clinics who promised to put an end to my perennial watering nose.The only thing I know,unaffected by seasonality,droughts or global warming.But all I have to show for the innumerable visits and my famished purse,are the rows and rows of small empty bottles which now hold some vegetable seeds.I steamed my face till I resembled a lobster, but my sniffles were made of sterner stuff.

I walked around with an air purifier mask,opening it only to eat or sneeze.For some strange reason, a neighbor hurriedly closed the door after one look at my incongruous appearance.I slept with it and wouldn’t have been surprised to have frightened a burglar or two if the torch light had happened to fall upon my rather grotesque visage.Somebody suggested that I stand on my head as apparently the sniffles didn’t like being suspended upside down, but mine didn’t seem to mind them one bit.In fact, just to show that they were a good sport, they tried to see how I would react if they timed the explosion right when I was all knotted up.

I googled and searched till even the great Google was rendered mum on the matter. For my efforts, I was rewarded by finding one of my enemies.They looked like prehistoric dragons with tentacled feet.The dust mites which ruled the world of mattresses and bedding.But finding all the enemies which affected me was far more tedious than finding horcruxes.

Relationships have been threatened by fungus laden houses whose thresholds I absolutely refused to enter. Yellowed books telling stories of an age gone by in forgotten library shelves, were better to be forgotten for the sake of my nose.But even more curious was my apparent allergies to all ‘green’ soaps. I gasp for air when the household decides to spray themselves with noxious perfumes. Not for me, a romantic tête-à-tête where the man’s perfume comes wafting.I snorted derisively as a salesman tried to sell me those small pieces of cloth they call ladies’ kerchiefs, who quietly slunk away when he saw the mammoth towels I carried in my purse.

But there are times when it has saved the day. A calm and serene home stay in the plantations and the silence only broken by the singing of the crickets and sudden explosions.During one of his nocturnal birding forays as my husband was figuring out the way home, the far away sound of sneezing was like a beacon, aiding the way to poor lost souls. I was well suited to become a foghorn directing far away ships through the correct course.

Of course, all this became thankfully not-so-ubiquitous, once I found my savior. I would unceremoniously dump the knight in shining armor anyday for a small round pill called Montek-LC, quite unrelated to the noted economist.A quarter of a pill and I manage to keep the devil at bay. Whoever had coined that saying about apples, hadn’t heard of Montek or didnt have the foggiest clue about the sniffles.Stranded without food or water doesn’t scare me one bit, but stranded without my beloved Montek will have me quaking in my boots.

The time has come and I call upon all the allergy afflicted in the world to unite and come forth to form the Allergix Anonymous(AA).If you think you can be member of this elite society, then you need to stake a claim and prove that you deserve it!

33 thoughts on “The Perennial Sniffles

  1. alkagurha

    Member? I can be the President of AA group. For me allergic rhinitis is a biannual ritual, Feb March and AugSept, every year. Sniffling even as I type after reading this witty post.

  2. Loved the way u wrote it asha, however feeling bad about the perennial allergy. Hope montek resolves it to some extent ! good to see u add shades of fun to sneezes too . could visualise it all 🙂

    1. Oho ! Welcome to the group 🙂 A fellow allergy-afflicted so close by and we didnt know !! Montek LC causes drowsiness if I take full dose coz it has LC(Levocetrizine), which is why I have hit the sweet spot with a quarter – no more , no less 🙂

  3. When I first read your post about a week ago my nose was going off like a twin barrelled bazooka at the rate seven per minute. Yes, I know the malaise and my dreaded encounters with otorhinolaryngologists deserve nothing less than a full blown post or two. But returning to your explosive post and the call to join the anonymous society, I am amused at the power and proposition such a legion would have. I think of airport control towers and hotly contested lines of control along the Radcliffe and McMahon lines.

  4. I don’t sneeze or sniffle .. my allergies are related more to the food I eat.And I hate havign to give up so much of the yummy food while everyone around me hogs !

  5. Oh…The “AAaachhhoooo” thing seems to be my most loyal friend visiting me whenever it finds a route.Don’t know how to deal with it as I HATE stuffy nose :(.
    Keep your savior by your side and take care

  6. Ha Ha. Why didn’t I think of writing on this topic before you? I should be the primary member of your club having tried everything from Homeopathy to various schools of Ayurveda to tonsillitis surgery with limited success. My wife tells me how lucky I was to narrowly miss being hitched to another of the tribe doubling the misery – one of her batch mates who had rejected me during my bride hunt process..

    1. Welcome welcome ! What’s your rate per minute .. I can do non-stop 15 per minute 🙂
      Yes, two of a tribe would have been just too much to bear. I would pity the children of such a couple 🙂

  7. Hey hi there! My sister has a similar problem and so I absolutely know what it feels like (also to those around ;-)).. like the funny take on the subject 🙂
    On a serious note though, hope something works out for you!

  8. Ha ha ha….I could relate to this totally. You have a member at my place. The husband. His sneezing is so loud that we recently had to hospitalize him for pneumothorax. Thankfully, he has found relief too in Avamys Nasal Spray. My job these days is to keep the home absolutely dust-free. And trust me, it is a mammoth task with the Metro construction site just half a kilometer from our place.

    1. Thanks Rekha ! I am sure you can associate with it very well then 🙂 Great that your husband found some relief ! Keeping the house dust free is no easy task in today’s polluted atmosphere

  9. This was such a hilarious post!! Sorry to be laughing at your expense! I suffer from an allergy of a different kind, to hair color. I can tell you how crippling life can be if you are blessed with plenty of greys and nothing to combat them.

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