The Epiphany

Broken marriages and increasing divorce rates, often leave shattered self-worth and simmering resentments in their wake.The vitriolic bitterness with which several couples lash out at each other is often several notches higher than what the situation would warrant.It’s regrettable to see how two people, who actually start off by liking each other enough to get married and with a cup full of shared memories,still end up with so much bitterness.

But then broken marriages is much more than just people.It’s about changing circumstances, priorities and personalities.People who should have never have got married in the first place, sometimes end up together.And the bitterness at the situation and the “what could have been”, manifests against the other person. Two great people need not always make a great couple and that’s something which often gets overlooked in the barbs and insinuations that inevitably follow. Life was never fair but we don’t take it kindly when one day, we are suddenly made to realize that ourselves.

Unfortunately there are far too few cases, where the adults are mature enough to understand that a broken marriage doesn’t define their own worth as people and separate gracefully.

While some are able to move on quite easily and start life anew, for some the separation is just as painful as death of a loved one. And akin to grief phases, a separation trauma also goes through several phases, before a person starts accepting and seeing the other as a ‘human’ with normal fallibility again. And it is perhaps at this juncture, that one starts the process of living all over again.

Today, I am featuring a beautiful short film by Neeraj Ghaywan – The Epiphany.Running time: 21 Mins

Advised reading from here after viewing:

I loved the way the differing personalities of the couple has been brought out. The simmering tension that is evident right from the start, has been built up superbly.A chance encounter and a sudden chain of events lead to the faint rays of acceptance shining through, bringing forth this very interesting aspect of human behavior. The bond that develops between people handling the same stressful situation.A shared vulnerability that also inspires a shared connection and support, which finally worked to break down the walls between the divorced couple.

On a separate note, I also admired the way the aspect of right vs. wrong has been brought out and people not being essentially “good” or “bad”. The fact that even good people get caught up in the humdrum of daily existence is a very good wake up call.At times,all one needs is someone who shakes you hard enough, for the cobwebs of apathy to fall away.

13 thoughts on “The Epiphany

  1. jaishvats

    Recently a quote doing rounds on Facebook is about how marriages need mutual effort to succeed… A good marriage is one where both individuals make a conscious effort to make it succeed and that’s never possible without give and take…. Yet to watch the short film… Sounds interesting

  2. This is a truly blessed series you have started, Ash. I have loved each of the clips you have presented so far. This one touched upon a much more serious, and a rather contemporary malaise however. I wish most forks in the path ended up that way.

  3. Beautiful analysis of marriage. It’s important to understand that it’s a delicate balance that we all need to strike and that adjustment isn’t the same as compromise. Need to watch the film.

  4. That was just a beautiful message delivered wonderfully in those 20 odd minutes. I have always and always believed that no person is good or bad. It’s just situations or circumstances that work for of against a couple. How many divorces are triggered for nothing more than the interference from the extended families even though the couple had no issues with each other. It’s really painful. It takes a lot more than love to make a marriage successful. Clear communication, mutual understanding, cooperation and patience are some to begin with.

    1. Thanks Rekha. Yes, a marriage is based on a lot more than mutual attraction or love. Great communication is definitely a strong foundation for marriage. Through all the ups and downs if one is able to talk to the other and come to resolutions, that’s the best way of all.

      1. Yes, I did. It was quite good. I liked the harmonising note on which it ended, perhaps an outcome of distancing ourselves from our own narrow and rigid views of life and reality based on our limited experience.

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