The Debut of Tektoks

Considering that I could soon announce “I used to be a blogger” as I drag my feet to publish new posts on my so called “active” blog, I had the temerity to start a new blog at !

Having long back shunned all the advocated advice on blogging & blogging frequencies, I did not let those piddly little irritations come in the way of spawning more blogs. I think I now have the general drift of why low-income families continue to procreate rabidly despite having limited means.

The new blog is predominantly slated to be on data science and analytics, a field of my interest. I hope to publish posts for “normal” people and some for those who are from Planet Zog.

This little upstart was unceremoniously kicked out of Indiblogger, where it was told to get at least 20 posts before it could show it’s face.Since that is a tall order and could take several years, I decided to repost some of my not-so-geeky articles through “The Motley Collections” as well.

So re-blogging my first post on “The Art Of Finding Patterns”….


Prophecies have existed and have continued to enamor us since the ancient and the medieval period. Humans have always been interested in knowing the future, because of the decided advantage that gives us. Knowing what can happen next and being among the privileged few to have that knowledge, is the key to success.

Early in school, we learn that to predict the next number in a sequence, we must figure out the patterns in the previous set of numbers. While in textbook problems, we always know that a pattern exists and we only need to uncover it, in many real world problems, the question whether any pattern exists in the first place, needs to be answered.

Read the rest on my new blog –



8 thoughts on “The Debut of Tektoks

  1. Kicked out of Indiblogger?

    With the cicadas I mutter and think:
    Do the chatter and cacophony matter?
    The curlicues of letter and syllables,
    Do the dregs of Pinot Noir flatter?

  2. The first link is not working. Yes, every blogging platform has a minimum post requirement. This step is to ensure no cheaters grab freebies, happy hours and contest prizes. Congratulations on the new blog. I am like you. I keep hearing what to do. I publish, but I don’t read and comment. My blog is doomed.

  3. Congratulations on the new blog. Just like Saru said, it is just a check and balance to ensure that the greedy ones not at all serious about blogging don’t get in. Interesting topic of your new blog and may inspiration strike often.

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