The Genesis

The clock ticked and a red needle jumped from south to north,

The tidal wave was swelling,

turgid waters raged and roared upwards with an all engulfing fury,

a dark wall rose a hundred feet poised to strike like an angry serpent,

waves lashed out mercilessly,

walls turned red and time stopped.

Then amazingly it was receding; the fury reigned in

but all too soon, dark clouds formed a black canopy blotting out the azure,

waters rose yet again; angrier than never before

ripping apart sanity and hope like matchsticks.

Screams sounded from somewhere afar,

Hands clutching and groping in mindless fear

And then suddenly, a tiny light flickered hesitantly

Growing steadier;sheltered with gentle hands

beads of sweat lined the forehead and a tired body sagged with relief.

Moist eyes opened to a tiny life,

It was a labor of love and I was a mom.

I wrote this piece after I had my child. ‘Pain’ had acquired a new dimension and it was, as though, I was reborn after a catharsis.