Silent Screams

He watched with me as I waited like never before;
His cold hands clutched me tighter as the white door opened
and out came the stretcher with a life gone by.

I willed with all my might for a miracle to happen,
If God above; could show his hand
Millions of thoughts flashed in unison,
while the cold hands creeped up on me.
He claimed me for his companion
And cold, was his breath upon my brow

I screamed in the silence of the night
and woke up drenched in my sweat.
There he was; sitting by my side
as I slowly realized,
that nightmare and reality had merged.

I tried to smell the flowers
but his shadow was always there
Underneath the bright sunlight
lay darkness too dark to lighten

As I tried to avoid him,
I turned to his mocking laugh
The monster called grief  hung on to me
One day I said, one day I will have the courage to look you in the eye.

(Some nights have no tomorrow…)