Short films are a wonderful genre, which is befitting today’s fast-paced times, when one wants to watch something entertaining and thought provoking in a short span of time. Low budget, mostly non-commercial films which often-times act as a prequel for film makers to establish themselves in a bigger panorama, they reflect a rich tapestry of brilliant art work. The time span for these films demands brevity and ingenuity on the part of the film makers.

Through the blog, I intend to curate and highlight some of the beautiful short films from around the world.

Afterglow ( Running time : 20 Mins) directed by Kaushal Oza is a beautiful one to start this series.The story revolves around a recently widowed Parsi woman who receives a lot of unsolicited condolence visitors. It also throws up a lot of thought provoking situations.How does one react when faced with the certain death of a spouse or a family member ? Can certain ‘death’ be taken in a ‘matter of fact’ manner and be deemed inevitable and can one actually move on with the business of living.As one comes to terms with inherently ‘abnormal’ situations, normalcy tends to set in over a period of time and depicts the underlying resilience of the human nature to survive.

To bring humor into something inherently depressive is a master stroke and that’s where the genius of the film maker shines through. Juxtaposing the dark and light moments adds amazing vibrancy and depth to the film.

The condolence visitors & the well-wishers add a comic banality to the grimness of the event.Everyone who has gone through intense personal grief, would identify with this very realistic aspect of condolence visitors.
I liked this movie’s subtle dealing of myriad aspects of human behavior which is set amidst the rich Parsi traditions. Do watch it and tell me if you liked it.