Got tagged at 33!

Well, this is my 33rd post. Not 25, Not 50 but 33. You ask what’s so great about 33. Well, I got tagged by Suresh. He’s one of the bloggers I avidly follow as I relish his humorous posts and admire his command over the language which he wields with effortless ease to have you in splits. This is the first time I have been tagged and I wouldn’t have had the foggiest clue of what to do if you are tagged, if it were not for the helpful guidelines in his post.

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These are the three commandments of the tag

1. You are tagged. (Note for all those who I tag: You should write an introductory note of the person who tagged you in glowing terms)

2. You give links to posts that belong to each of the following categories

1) Your most beautiful post.
2) Your most popular post
3) Your most helpful post
4) Your most controversial post
5) A post whose success surprised you
6) A post that you thought did not get the attention it deserved
7) A post which you are most proud of

3. You select five bloggers for passing on the tag and inform them about their being tagged.

Well, now that I have gotten that out of the way, let me talk about myself and my blogging which I am sure you are impatient to know all about.

As you can see, though I have been blogging for well over two years, I am still a newbie as far as blogging is concerned and my run rate has not exactly been a blaze of glory. When I started blogging I merely started it as a record to store some of my thoughts and share it with a couple of friends whom I thought might be interested in what I had to say. Then WordPress introduced me to Site Stats and suddenly there was a record to follow and hits to count.It sparked off a desire where none was. That is the problem with measurement and statistics. If there were no such tool, I could have blissfully continued to day dream that my blog was the one thing people wanted to read and for those who didn’t, well they were just poor sods who didn’t understand good stuff even if it struck them right on their faces.

Then came blogging networks like Indiblogger and I realized that there were just so many people who could write and write well at that. Again there was the ominous ‘Promote’ button and it was back to ranking on how many people ‘liked’ your posts. I, for one, surely didn’t want a feature like that. In this age of time-starved people, there just isn’t enough time to read and listen to what everybody has to say. One should just be glad, that somebody took out 5 minutes out of his/her precious time to read what you had to say. Why should the person be obliged to like it on top of that.

I hope that kind of explains the single digit ‘likes’ I always end up getting.

I wanted to write posts on humor, paintings, books, movies, life, work, food and anything under the sun which struck me. I did fiddle around with the thought of having individual blogs for all of them, but now I shudder to think of all the statistics that would have spewed out. Better sense prevailed and I let the blog be a potpourri of all my interests.

Here are my answers to the 7 questions

1) Your most beautiful post

I will interpret this in the literal sense and would probably put one of my painting posts.
My most beautiful post is ‘The House Amidst the Trees’. I guess that would classify as beautiful.

2) Your most popular post

I will have to go by the post views or by the number of comments. My post ‘The Hair tainted Revelations’ got the most comments.

3) Your most helpful post

The current crisis of waste management in Bangalore spurred me to write on this topic. The post ‘Time to come clean’ talks about waste management practices that I currently follow and would love to spread the message to more and more people.

4) Your most controversial post

I don’t court controversies as a rule so was a bit surprised when my humor post ‘The Mal-Connect’ was thought as controversial by some people.

5) A post whose success surprised you

Definitely it was ‘The Incident of the Jam Bottle’ which got me a contest win when I least expected it. I found out I had won through some comments people had left on the page.

6) A post that you thought did not get the attention it deserved

Honestly speaking none of them did. They were these rare pieces of good writing you would want to read again and again and marvel at the genius of the writer. But well, if you push me to name one, here’s one I was expecting much more from – ‘Making money last..’ and also the ‘The Dis-engagement Model’ (Psst.. Did I just break one of the tag rules?)

7) A post which you are most proud of

Well, these blogger contests, you know, lure you in with gadgets, travel gifts and what not. And lots of impressionable, gullible people think to make a quick buck out of it. Did I say I was not one of them? There was this Surf excel contest and I thought long and hard about it for a long long time. I was just about ready to throw in the towel, when I suddenly had this bolt of inspiration and finally managed to write this post ‘The Soaked Rebellion’ on a very unlikely subject.

All the questions are done and just when I was getting all warmed up too.

The bloggers I would like to tag are

Arch – She has a food blog. I love to ogle at the mouth watering pictures and marvel at her tenacity even if I can’t get off my lazy bum to make them myself.
Arti – She’s a veteran at Indiblogger and I like her travel blog.I find her style of writing / pictures easy on the eyes
Reema – Her blog ‘My Random Thoughts’ chronicles chapters from her life and her opinions on everything under the sun. I liked her post on Mother’s Love
Amropali – I like her short, pithy posts on life
Subhorup – I follow his blog ‘Subho’s Jejune Diet’ where he writes about blogging, living and other varied topics. His blog post titled ‘The Little Blog’ is one of my favorites

I do hope that each of them continues to uphold the tagging flame and be a sport in the blog relay…