FlipkartOutdoors Indiblogger Meet

An outdoor meet for bloggers sounded different and the #FlipkartOutdoors #Indiblogger meet at the sprawling Mango Mist Resort in Bangalore, definitely didn’t disappoint with an awesome outdoor experience and the latest gizmos to boot.As the executive from Flipkart said “On the go” devices are here to stay and are witnessing a huge boom. People want to relive their experiences more and that’s where technology comes to their aid.

We were divided into teams and each team got to use some cool gadgets for a couple of hours. Our team consisted of Seema , Abhishek , Mahesh , Priya, Rohit, Mayuri, Sushmita, Suresh, Radha and Rajesh.

The activities lined up were not for the faint-hearted and included Rock climbing, Zip Line, Burma Bridge,Rope Ladder,Quake Walk, Land & Water Zorbing and more !


As we were still trying to muster our courage, our Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band beeped ! A cool gadget with an activity tracker which promises to get you off your back.It alerts you if you have been sitting glued to your laptop for a good bit of time and sets a fitness goal based on your current activity level.It even has a sleep monitor which monitors body activity during the night.

Priya was wearing the trendy looking Garmin Forerunner Smartwatch.With an ability to show routes and metrics like speed, distance etc., it’s a great watch for runners. Nowadays when everything is smart and well-connected, it’s no surprise that though it’s positioned as  a sports watch, it has all the features of a regular smartwatch like phone notifications.

Garmin Fitness Band and Forerunner

Most of the rope activities required a good grip. And it is a pity that we didn’t have the Red Chief shoes which promised superior grip while being surprisingly light weight and flexible.

Red Chief

From our team, Abhishek attempted the rope ladder and had a free fall onto a trampoline. And he had just the right device to capture these moments. A Polaroid Cube for those who want to capture action as it happens ! Its a neat small cube which you can fit wherever you want.An armband,on a dogs collar or a remote controlled toy car. It can even be taken under water with a special waterproof case.

If you want to see what it can do, take a look at this video.

The Polaroid team also showed us the Polaroid Snap,an instant digital camera which was a throwback to our earlier times, when such cameras used to exist. It’s an interesting
modern avatar of the olden version  and prints the picture immediately using an ink-less printing method.

Polaroid Cube and Snap Camera

Coleman had some cool camping gear on display including ice-boxes, camping accessories, chairs and even a portable western loo ! The only thing which was puzzling was that it needed a pipe inlet.There was a prize for the fastest team who completed putting up the Coleman tent. So we timed our tent making to just 2 mins 40 secs but the fastest team did it in 1 min 50 secs !

Coleman Camping Gear


After all those activities, I looked at my pulse rate. 142 said my cool Samsung Gear 2 Classic Smart watch. Promising to look after both the health goals and convenience.It syncs to the phone for notifications and can play songs from the phone.It monitors calories and even suggests meal plans.Of course, it cant tell if you are lying if you input the wrong calorie intake. It had some cool Samsung Apps and I really liked it’s sleek fit.

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

After all these exhausting adventures, there was also a nice fish pond where you could relax . And if you needed a spot of music, you had the hardy Altec Lancing Mini LifeJacket wireless speakers.Immune to water and very rough handling, it’s a blue tooth speaker designed to withstand the rough and the tough of treks and hikes. And if you are a biker or a cyclist, nothing like a pair of Altec Lancing Bluetooth Active Earbuds which promise to never fall off.It’s special holder fits into the groove
of the ear and is connected to your phone via bluetooth.

Sony was there too with its range of digital and action cameras !

Sony cameras

And in between all these gadgets and adventure,was a chance to meet some really cool people and their awesome blogs. Hurrah for Team 5 !

Blogger Friends
Thanks to Indiblogger & Flipkart for managing the logistics so well including arranging the buses from central points !!

And here’s some awesome pics Flipkart put up.

Flipkart Pics of the Indiblogger Event



ASUS Indiblogger Meet

Indiblogger announced the ASUS meet,
I too rushed in to reserve my seat.
We got off to a rocking start,
With ear splitting music , my drums threatened to part.

Then waiters came laden with goodies,
A treat to all the foodies.
But vegetarian fare far and few,
I finally spotted some and got my due.

A game we played of sharing personal stuff,
People gave all things, including their fluff.
Some gave a key chain and some, a chocolate,
But some, over a ginger and clove too, met.

Old friends I met and some strangers too,
Shared laughter and banter flew.
When Bloggers meet, they wait to spring,
At slightest hint, their blog and writing.


Then came Asus Product Manager Mr Chu,
Who gave a presentation of all features new.
PC ET2040 and EeBook 205,
ASUS promises to be a competitive buy.


Fun and games again for a bit,
Showcasing blogging in a skit
But finally it was time for the awaited event
Minor obstacles were not a deterrent.

Off we ran towards the food
To be in time before the brood
Heaped plates and conversations collude
Spreading bonhomie with every morsel chewed.


Finally I too headed back satiated,
And hope you will not leave this post unappreciated.
And forgive me these cheesy lines,
For bloggers come in all shades and kinds.