A gate and a tree-lined road

Some more of watercolors.

A painting of a gate I saw in a Kerala house. The gate was an experiment with free flowing colors without too much brushwork.


Here I have used an old photo as a reference, clicked during one of the trips to the Nilgiris..

Mobile Doodles

The pleasures of doodling on the mobile is varied and by far the most significant for me was the freedom to doodle wherever I was.
Especially in cases where either I didn’t have the forethought to carry all the sketching and painting materials or the nature of travel didn’t allow for such luxuries.
I have used Samsung Galaxy Note to draw these pictures. The vividity of the digital colours is striking and is more suitable to cartooning or pictures involving block colours though I did try some sketches of Kerala scenes.
One of the key challenges is to get used to the slight offset between the Pen and the screen and adjust accordingly.

Some features I would have loved to have, is for the application to recognize colours and to be able to reproduce the same. To be able efficiently mix colour shades instead of having it standing out as discreet colors.Another useful feature is to have some of the standard drawing functionality available in MS office applications.







Ode to Milind..

I am drawn to the beauty that is in Milind Mullick’s paintings.
He made me fall in love with water colors all over again.

To my mind, the fluidity, transparency and vivacity of his paintings stand out. Beauty of a piece of art is enhanced by the effortlessness with which it is rendered. And paradoxically, the effortlessness itself is the outcome of mastery and a meticulous attention to detail.

The colors chosen for his paintings are not realistic, the details are not depicted but still the essence is captured amazingly well.

His books on paintings depict not only his beautiful works but also present the intricacies and the ‘mathematics’ of paintings.

Here are some of my paintings which are copies of his works.