Watercolor Landscapes – 1

Someone once asked me ‘Do you enjoy the moment when you are eating a chocolate or do you enjoy it more after eating it ?’

I had to seriously think before answering this one. Now let me see.. while eating, I definitely savor the rich flavor spreading in my mouth and my taste buds revel in the lingering aftertaste, but wait..had I been in a hurry to finish eating it or did I get lost in the feeling while it lasted.

It was a profound question in the sense, do you enjoy the work while you are in the process of doing it or do you savor it more for the sense of accomplishment it brings.

I tend to think that its a bit of both for everybody but the importance we place on each, might go a long way in deciding whether we are happy in the ‘present’ or are we postponing our happiness for the future.

I extended the same thought to the paintings I do.I have dabbled in paints for some time and though my work is far from being professional, I paint simply because I love to paint.

I realized that I just love the flow of colors across paper and the sheer beauty of seeing a form evolve based on one’s imagination.The end product need not necessarily be the desired outcome but I have fun while it lasts.

I highly appreciate Milind Mulick’s work and the vividness of colors in his paintings is striking.

The paintings shown here,  are some of my paintings which are copies of his works and are watercolors. Copying is perhaps the best form of flattery :).It also gives me a base for fine tuning one aspect of painting at a time.

Painting watercolors is a bigger challenge than oils simply because it doesn’t give you a second chance ! The colors seem to have a mind of their own and it takes an effort to tame them.


11 thoughts on “Watercolor Landscapes – 1

  1. The Nomad

    Thanks for sharing the paintings, I have been looking forward to seeing your paintings, and they are beautiful!!!

    They are especially looking wonderfully showcased in the black theme of the blog- though I generally find black themed blogs or websites strenuous to read. On that note, could you please increase the font size of the blog- it is really a size 8 font I think, and I am growing old 🙂 My eyes are not what they used to be- once they could read novels with a flash light and finish the novel (and 4 batteries) in a couple of hours.

    Enjoying the journey is one of my favorite topics to ponder on too, because, in every activity, if you can be “in the moment”, the happiness quotient is heightened. If you walk only to get somewhere, you miss the joy of the walk itself.

    We never know what future holds for us, so we should enjoy the journey and the ride – after all, I may never reach the destination, or I might not like the destination after reaching it, so I try to enjoy everyday of my journey. And enjoy the chocolate (ok, since I am not so fond of chocolates, lets say idli with your podi) while it lasts too… After all, it could be the last one I am having for many years to come.

    And the memory of a friend going hungry saving her breakfast in order to share it with me later is as fond a memory as the delicious idli itself. It is one of the small things I passed by and noticed during the walk…

    Lovely paintings…

  2. PhillyGuy

    Hmmm….the age old question, journey or the destination. Process or the product. :)) Krishna says concentrate on the journey, and you will have bliss. But then doesn’t the pleasure of the journey include the sweet scent of anticipation? Krishna says that sweet scent is a poison that clouds your judgement and takes you away from the journey. Note that he doesn’t say don’t enjoy the destination! He just says don’t let your imagination of the destination influence your journey. One of the most profound moments of my life was when I realized that everytime life throws an “or” at you, think about the “and”. Applied here the best journey is when you enjoy both. The journey and the destination.

    The trick of savoring the moment is to be unaware of the moment itself. Remember how time “flies” when you’re really into something. It flies because you’re unaware of time. The buddhist definition of being “aware” is best explained by the metaphor of the two birds. Two birds are sitting on a tree limb, one goes about his business, chirping, preening and eating. The second just watches the first. Per Buddha you’re self-aware when you’re both the birds. I agree. The trick though is to loose the duality. Loose the sense of the watcher and being watched. And yet watch :)) Simple senora. The best things in life are just that. Simple yet beautiful.

    Can you scan some of your paintings and upload them here? Thank you for introducing me to Milind Mullick. I had never heard of him. His work is beautiful. But I can’t wait for your own work!

    1. These paintings have been painted by me.. but the original idea is Milind Mulick’s. I will soon post some of my paintings which are both done by me and are original in thought 🙂

      The metaphor of the two birds is indeed very simplistic and profound. It can perhaps, be likened to the concept of living and yet be detached.

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