Starring Ronit Roy, Ram Kapoor and Rajat Barmecha.
Watched this movie recently and enjoyed it thoroughly.

The story revolves around a 17 year old boy rebelling against an oppressive and abusive father. 17 year old , Rohan ( Rajat Barmecha ) gets expelled from school along with three of his friends for sneaking out of school to watch a C- grade movie. He returns home , a stranger;  to a father he hasn’t met in 8 years and to a 6 year old step brother who he hadn’t known existed.

The dynamics between father Bhairav Singh ( Actor Ronit Roy) and son , Rohan is strained due to the dictatorial attitude of the father. The suppressed violence in Bhairav Singh, just bubbling under the surface is all too evident.

Though the film doesn’t depict much graphic violence, the violent side of Bhairav Singh is characterized well.

Bhairav Singh is, most definitely, not an out and out villain, but he does come pretty close to it. He is shown as a bottled up character with a lot of problems. I would have personally preferred to see a character who had more shades of grey, which might have made it more realistic.

Arjun Singh, the younger step brother of Rohan , enacted by Aayan Boradia, tugs at your heart. The film scores, on the way it shows the relationship between Rohan and young Arjun blossom slowly.

Rohan’s aspirations of becoming a writer are brutally squashed by his no-nonsense father who has already charted out his son’s career as an engineer. Bhairav Singh scorns his son and has no compunction of using any barb including taunting his masculinity.
Rohan’s need to assert himself and Bhairav’s Singh’s need for absolute control are at loggerheads and finally, the day arrives when the fragile bond snaps. The turning point happens when even 6 year Arjun is not spared the
violent side of his father.The dam of all Rohan’s built up frustration gives way and he vents it all out on his father’s car.

The film has some good music and good poetry. The camaraderie and the dialogues of Rohan and his buddies is typically adolescent  and depicted well, though the dialogues do get a wee-bit stilted at times. And some of the scenes do seem to lack that touch of polish.

All in all, a very good movie and a must see.

I liked the way the movie ended but you are not going to hear it from me. Hope I can tantalize you to go watch the movie.  🙂

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