Lo behold the Liebster !


Hey, I got a Liebster,
Its neither a fish nor a Lobster,
It’s got no’ing to do with guns or a gangster,
Oh a Leibster,is an award from a blogger.

Cant put it up on the mantel as a trophy,
Cant admire it while sipping your coffee,
But a Leibster is a special recognition,
A fellow blogger’s support to further your mission.

The Leibster if you get,
Write 11 facts without fret,
You answer the questions fired,
Making sure the reader doesn’t get tired

You pass it on to those who deserve,
To blogs that have the zing or the verve,
Or to blogs which touch a nerve,
And that is the duty you shall serve.

Yes, I got the Liebster too,
Its an honor to get, not one but two,
From Umashankar and Gus,
So let me start without any fuss !


After writing that cheesy poem, I am still quite unapologetic and shall strive to inflict some more of them on you.

    11 Facts about me

Lists, Lists and more lists I say,
Haphazard planners don’ get in my way.
Eggs, eggs, everyday and everyway,
I fear I’ll turn into a chicken one day.
Love all animals, the dogs and the cats,
Till I had my own, felt all kids were brats
Dont reply to my emails/calls and you get on my wrong side
I sneeze 365 days a year, I have to confide
Admire but don’ fawn,
In libraries I will never yawn.
With my son, I watch slapstick
We laugh and laugh till we get sick.
God forgot to give me the musical ear
And if he did, he forgot to tell me dear.


Questions from Umashankar :

1.Top 4 authors, or photographers, you love – P G Wodehouse, Arthur Conan Doyle, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Khalil Gibran
2.Top 4 Movies – Forest Gump, Schindler’s list, Ryan’s daughter, LOTR Trilogy
3.Top 4 singers/albums – I am not a connoisseur of music but I like music which can rev me up. Enjoy country music by Kenny Rogers, Brad Paisley, Jazz by Louis Armstrong and Contemporary pop.
4.What would you do if you were to be stopped from writing? – I would paint
5.Are you in favour of banning books? – Banning books has always denoted intolerance in my eyes. So, No
6.Are you in favour of capital punishment? – No.
7.Are you in favour of veils for women, as in hijab? – Shun regressive thinking.No
8.Which is the best translated work (or works) you’ve read? – Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky
9.Moments you cherish – Small moments of happiness, sounds of nature, shared laughter, memories that bring a smile
10.Moments you’d rather forget – Moments where my conscience was not with me
11.Is blogging for everyone? – Yes, freedom to blog is a freedom by way of free speech. But to read them or not is left to the reader’s discretion.


Questions from Gus :

1.If you learn from your mistake, why are you afraid to make one? – If the mistake turn out too costly, it will be difficult to make another
2.How many of your friends would you trust your life with? – Less than the fingers on one hand.
3.What does life mean to you? – The search for contentment
4.Would you rather have your child be less attractive and extremely intelligent or extremely attractive and less intelligent? – The former and I assume it includes EQ as well.
5.What do you sometimes pretend you understand but you really don’t? – Purpose of my life.
6.When did you not speak up, when you should have? – When my mouth was full 🙂
7.What are you procrastinating, at this very moment? – Writing the post for the Liebster award
8.In what way are you, your own worst enemy? – The biggest battles are fought within
9.What do you wish you didn’t know? – The pain of losing a loved one
10.How old would you want to be, if you had a choice? – What I am now
11.What activities make you lose track of time? – Painting, Blogging, Reading, Writing software


Blogs I wish to nominate are

1.A Nomad’s Musings
2.Life is Like This
3.i Share
4.Valli’s blog
5.Tangy Tomato Twist
6.Lazy Pineapple
7.Jaish Writes
8.Pattu’s Terrace Garden
10.Contemplations of a Rambler
11.Personal Concerns

And here are those killer questions from me :

1.Which is your favorite book and why ?
2.What is the one thing you would rescue from your burning house, assuming no one is inside ?
3.Which is the most discomforting movie you have seen ?
4.What is the one social issue you can take out time for ?
5.Are you happy more when you are writing or when you view your finished work ?
6.Why do you blog ?
7.If you had taken a different fork in life, what would you have been ?
8.Which is that one experience you wish to have before you die ?
9.Are you more comfortable in the company of others or being alone ?
10.Which do you think is the biggest malady plaguing the nation now ?
11.Why would you attend a bloggers meet or would you rather not?

Happy blogging !!!

30 thoughts on “Lo behold the Liebster !

  1. Thanks Ash! Though everyone I know seems to have been Liebstered already so it is very difficult to now find 11 🙂 I was thinking of you and most of your awardees for Menachery’s award of the Liebster to me and before I could write a post for that you get awarded by Uma and you award them 🙂 Now what am I to do? 🙂

  2. Wow! This is so creative and different! I’ve never read a poem on Liebster award. Beautifully written 🙂 Congratulations for the award. Good to know more about you 🙂
    and thank you so much for passing the award to me 🙂

  3. If I liked the Ballad of Liebster, I loved the limerick on facts. I must say I identify with many of those answers -A C Doyle, FD, country, jazz, pop…! Nice to know the bits about you.

  4. hahaha, this is cool! when you have nothing to write, these awards save you :D.

    if someone doesn’t answer my call, i delete that number immediately, no matter who it is. liked answer no 2 and 9 from the second set of questions (same here).

    would love to see how these bloggers, you have mentioned here, answer you killer questions.

    an awesome read!! god bless you!

    1. They do, but then you need to get into an award writing mindset as well and as always, how to get people to read till the end 🙂
      I thought of you too, but then you seemed to be already neck deep in the Liebsters, so didn’t want to overload you 😀

    1. Valid question ! For all you know, I might be just trying to palm it off to you eh 🙂
      I have read some of your previous posts and believe have commented as well on some.. I specifically remember some interesting posts you had written on Immortality and Hindu traditions. Last I read about reciprocal altruism of Indiblogger and I don’t remember reading any posts after that..
      But then, I am also an occasional reader and have probably missed some of your recent posts.
      I think you write very well, which happens to be the reason I gave it to you. No other motive whatsoever 🙂

      Please feel free to look through my blog as well ! Btw, I use the name ‘Ash’ in Indiblogger.

      1. Thanks for the compliment, 😀 Will definitely check out your blog..! and I have only a vague idea of this liebster award, will answer the qns in the next blog..! 😉

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